Liam Sheahan is the owner and Operations Manager of Sheahan & Associates International (Telecommunications  Consultants) and Communications Anywhere. He has thirty seven years experience in Government and Corporate and Business  Telecommunications.


Liam was trained and educated by the Australian Army.  He spent over twenty years in a variety of training and operational roles including five years in the Army's Signal Project Squadron. He then worked in "Special Services" at Telstra for several years before deciding that the commercial world could benefit from his knowledge.

Liam then spent the next few years working on telecommunications infrastructure in the Building and Construction Industry, CPE Provisioning and Maintenance, and working with "alternate" carriers during the implementation and establishment of this market segment following  deregulation of the industry.

Finally having had "enough" of working for others Liam established his own Telecommunications business and continues to move forward with a variety of Clients inluding Small Businesses, Corporates, Government and "not for profit" Organisations. 

Communications Anywhere:

Communications Anywhere is not just a "catchy" business name, it states exactly what we do! We can give your organisation voice and data communication almost anywhere on the face of the planet. We can give you cost effective voice and data services from almost any location into the public network (phones and internet), or totally secure links back into your corporate or emergency service headquarters via a VPN backhaul link from our Network Operations Centre. With our access to the quality Hughes terminal equipment, the NSS6 and GE23 satellites via the Orion Satellite Systems N.O.C. and ancilliarry equipment from reliable suppliers such as CNG Systems we are confident that we could meet most forseeable communications needs.

The Project Services we offer are as follows:

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