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Telephone services over satellite links


We can give you most of the standard telecommunications facilities that people expect to find in a “normal” office virtually anywhere. The basics are good quality telephones, fax and broadband internet.

 It is not hard to get a telephone call over the internet for “free” etc. these days using VOIP. There are any number of companies and applications available that will do this with varying degrees of quality, functionality, reliability and success. Basically what most people want is a good quality telephone service that works when they want to make or receive a call. Unfortunately when you start to put voice traffic over the internet there are many factors that conspire to make this a “less than rewarding experience”. Some of these can include congestion through your ISP, your ISP not prioritising or actively discouraging voice traffic and your interface equipment (computer / handset etc.) not being user friendly and simple to use. When you put this traffic over a satellite link there are a few more considerations that need to be addressed and if ignored these will conspire with some of the other factors to make your phone call a frustratingly useless experience.

In the commercial world good quality voice services are essential to the efficient operation of any organisation and with the Hughes terminal equipment we use we can give you that and more! To hear the quality call us on one of our satellite links 03 80803408 (preferably morning or evening A.E.S.T.).

  HN7740S data unit and DW6040 Voice Appliance Module

The DW6040 Voice Appliance or  is a low cost add on to the HN7000 and HN7740S data units which adds telephony capability to the network. Each DW6040 provides 4 analogue voice ports. Standard telephone handsets can be plugged into the HNS7740S (2 ports) or DW6040 (4 Ports). These ports can also be connected to a PABX or Key Telephone System to provide local telephony around a site or office facility. If more than 4 lines are required additional DW6040 units can be added.

The voice traffic is transported across the network as IP using Voice Over IP [VOIP] allowing the traffic to be routed to a clients internal VOIP network. Orion can also route the calls to the public network [PSTN]. Each port on a DW6040 can be assigned a public number or be part of a private numbering scheme.  Standard features such as “Line Hunt Groups” and telephone numbers with the Australian area code prefixes 08, 02, 07, and 03 are available.


When a call is placed via the HN7740S or DW6040, bandwidth is automatically reserved through the network for the voice stream. This provides end to end toll quality and enables Orion to provide an excellent Quality of Service for the telephony traffic.

Key benefits of using the DW6040 include:

       ·                        Business quality phone calls comparable to terrestrial services.

       ·                        The ability to use standard telephone devices such as analogue handsets, facsimile machines, cordless telephones and answering machines

Up to three DW6040’s may be utilised on any single VSat system, thus allowing up to twelve analogue trunk lines at any one remote site. This means you can connect to a key system or PABX.


*Note: The HN7740S Data device has two telephony ports available as standard, thus for small sites requiring two or less phone lines there is no requirement to purchase additional hardware.

Telephone call costs are very reasonable. See our Rates and Plans for details.


            Our VSAT facilities use quality “Hughes” terminal equipment and we can deploy permanent, semi-permanent, transportable and mobile solutions. Our expertise is in “overall telecommunications systems” so our help to you involves not only the terminal itself but supply and installation of peripherals ranging from basic telephone handsets, telephone systems, and computer networks through to what ever you may require in the area of associated services and equipment.


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            We provide a full range of services, including organising service provision from providers such as Telstra and others, supply and installation of telephone systems and installation of structured cabling. We can do the work required ourselves or Project Manage your job including all telecommunications, IT services, electrical and security requirements.